Jasmine - Indonesia

Will you grow the Jasmine by own?

Every country has its own characteristic. Here, there are some flowers that are known as symbol of each country. Do you know jasmine? When talking about Jasmine - Indonesia, some of you might have an interest to grow it as the symbol of your love to your country. Whether you now don't live in Indonesia, it is not being a matter to try planting this flower. First of all, choose a coltivar to grow. There are over 200 species of Jasmine with different characteristics.

The next to choose the Jasmine species, you must be able to find a suitable sopt for this plant. To make sure your Jasmines get the right environment, you can do a little research. If you have prepared the soil for planting, then you can begin to plant it. Do you use the right fertilizer? Not only that, you must also control your plant from pests and other threats.


Edelweiss - Austria

The true facts about Edelwiess

If you are looking for further information about Edelweiss - Austria, then you have come to right place. This flower has its own characteristic. As the characteristic of Austria, it has some true facts that you will never find in the other kind of flowers worldwide. It scientific name is Leontopodium alpinum, but most call and know it as Edelweiss. It will begin to shows it beautiful flower year after year but must reseed itself. If you want to see its beauty, never try to touch or even picking it. Why? It is going to die when you take the flowers from one plant.

Do you know? In Switzerland, this flower is protected by the law. It makes this flower is so special over others. Even though people can find it at high altitudes in the mountains of Europe, Asia, and South of America, but the original home of this plant is in the high plateau of Himalaya and Siberia.


Tulip Orange - Belanda

Tulip flowers

Flowers help people to say everything without words. If you are looking for more details about Tulip Orange - Belanda, then you have come to the right place. It means that if you want to convey a message, but you have no words to say, surely flower is the best thing to represent it. Do you know the meaning of most tulips worldwide? To show your love, you just need to buy the red ones. Yes, it is a symbol how you love someone. Happiness, confidence, and caring are the other meaning of this plant. When you feel so happy with your loved one, I think you can give the pink tulips.

It is very easy to represent your feeling, right? If you want to see how beautiful the orange tulips, why not plant it at your home? However, flowers can bring the positive effects for the human's life especially their feeling and wellbeing.


Sakura - Jepang

Cherry blossoms

Do you gain lots Sakura - Jepang information? In general, people know how beautiful this flower. This becomes the symbolic of the spring, a time of renewal. Even though many people like this flower, but it has the short life. After the beauty peaks around two weeks, the blossom begin to fall. It means that to see its beauty, you must wait for the next spring season. There is a fact that some of you might not know. Japan gave more than 3,000 cherry-blossom trees to US in the 1912. This was done as the honor of the growing bond of those countries.

On the other words, these flowers in the US are not only as the ephemeral nature of life symbol only, but also the symbol for the friendship between both Japan and United State. To view its blossoms during spring, I suggest you to spend holiday in Japan.